Gubbio has a long history. It was already occupied during the Bronze Age. Federico, the Duke of Montefeltro, immortalized in the famed portrait by Piero Della Francesca, was born in the town in the 15th century. He commissioned the building of the most notable of the town’s many exquisite buildings, the Palazzo del Consoli.

The art of pottery making in Gubbio reached its splendor in the 15th century. Thanks mostly to Giacomo Paoluccio and the arrival of Giorgio and Giovanni Andreoli. They developed a technique known as lustro, which gave their glazes a luster that resembles metals such as gold, silver, and especially copper.

Today, the many remaining Gubbio artists are still producing ceramics of the highest quality. We are proud to offer our customers the remarkable pieces we have personally selected. These pieces’ beauty is only matched by the warmth of the Giampietro, Rossana, Giulia, and Rampini family members who work side by side in the studio.

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