Puglia 20.5″ Bambola Candlestick

This bambola is truly special, grand, and majestic. She was handcrafted and hand-painted with great care. All of the ceramics handmade by Ceramiche Antonio Monteforte are especially delightful and eccentric.  They derive from a long history of ceramic statuary in Southern Italy featuring goddesses, heroines, and animal totems.

Two of the images show details we believe the buyer would want to see. One image shows a finger was put together in two parts, creating a crease in the middle of the finger. Another image shows lines in the glaze that, while intentional, may appear to some to be cracking, it is not.

This bambola candlestick is 20.5″ in height. It is 13″ across at its widest point. Measurements are approximate.

Product Code: PGCB5

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