Frutta Deruta Lemons 9.5″ Scodella

Like all of our scodella bowls, this is a traditional dish for pasta or soup. Its shape is that of a shallow bowl or a deep plate. Compared to our other styles and patterns from Deruta, Frutta Deruta is quite contemporary.

The artisan from which we buy this style began designing and producing it in the late 20th century. It is a fresh, cheerful look. It features various fruits and leaves wrapping around the pieces of Italian pottery. Some choose to stay with one fruit for their dinnerware, but it is also fun to mix and match.

The rim of the scodella is 1 1/2.” The pattern around the edge is 2 1/3.” The white part is just over 5” across. Measurements are approximate.

Product Code: FDL7

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